My career change journey into Tech 3 months on.

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2 min readJul 6, 2021
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Some people referenced it to a quarter life crisis I would soon get over. Others thought I was just bluffing or completely nuts!

Well, I am here to report that 3 months into my career change from Construction to tech, I have achieved more than I thought I would. For starters, I took part in a Microsoft Leap Empowering women in tech Hackathon this past June(Oh! and in case you’re wondering, our group didn’t win.. haha), I am continuing to sharpen my coding skills, ( I have made some wonderful friends and yes! I am even blogging now. And you bet I am thoroughly enjoying it.

So, i’m sure you’re wondering.. why tech?

It all started with a friend from high school sending me a meme and it was something in the lines of “When you have already found the answer but someone says there’s a problem with the question”. Well, we laughed it off, but then again there was some truth to it. Later she would mention that I would thrive in data analytics and machine learning. And that is how the desire was born.

The truth is, there are a lot of people who go through life in careers they dont like. Basically, they sleep walk their way through life, do what they have to do and that’s the never-ending cycle. The kind that leave the office at 4.59.59 pm, or in environments where there is always an alternative tab open in case the boss walks in. (Don’t be that guy)

I agree that making such an important life-changing decision is not a luxury(if we can even call it that), that many people can afford. In fact, what cemented my decision was the motivation i received from hundreds of people who’ve changed their trajectory even in their mid- 40s and actually had very successful careers. I have come to believe that it is never too late.

I won’t lie and make you imagine that it’s all roses. It’s difficult. There is a great deal of self-discipline and self-sacrifice. I am back to those days of studying more that 14 hours a day. Nonetheless, I am able to debug my code, I am reading other peoples’ code, I am networking and just a by the way, I am currently obsessed with Python!

Well, I dont know what will come out of this journey, but I’m excited to find out! (If you are a mentor/recruiter i would like to connect)

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